Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Where the TAC will eventually go!!

So it looks like telnet gets a couple more days!!! Since the eraccess code wasn't tested correctly and was missing functionality. So now vendors are racing to RCI which will cost them four times as much money and will give a fraction of the data they are getting. Which of course they will pass the expense to the dealer. Oh yeah they can't disclose the amount that reynolds is charging them. Also interesting is any product that bobo has will cost less than any of these vendors..How convenient...So basically if you refuse to buy a bobo product and go for a competitor bobo still gets a considerable share. So on Jan 18 2011 TAC will get loaded with calls. I think every dealer should call support complaining and basically shutdown the TAC on the 18th. That would be great!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The End of Telnet

Sorry for not posting earlier but the summer has been really busy. Especially since the change to 6910 with the onscreen limit, captchas, and questions. If everybody doesn't already know Eralink will be going away and eraccess will be replacing it. With this change telnet will no longer be accessible after Jan 1st 2011!!! Also query builder has been forced to only work within eraccess for now!! Customers are not happy and tac has been overflowing with calls that they really can't answer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Glassdoor Comment

Currently, the company is in the process of phasing out its older staff, and making room for younger more dynamic individuals.

A lot of employees are bitter, because they are being "let-go" in order to make room for younger employees. They are not enjoyable to work with.

I don't think its because younger people are more dynamic..lol

The Piglet

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Not much new information going around but alot of rumors to the information that is going around.

1st The 1.9 Billion loan basically makes Bob the only Owner and removes the creditors. So this does'nt exactly save him money but rather it gives him complete unfeathered control of the company. No more comments or demands from investors.

2nd Information has it that trooper was caught accessing the site from an internal network and was forced to remove the site and let go.

3rd The newest rumor is that all 3rd parties will be locked out in 60-90 days. (interesting enough almost 60% of clients are up for renewal these last 2 quarters of the year?)

4th (for dealers kinda old) Rumor is that reynolds will no longer negotiate their contracts to compete with ADP or others. The price is the price!

As always Bob's thoughts "We have a superior product you should pay what ever I ask"

5th The fine print has changed on contracts to the point that after all new contracts are signed they will no longer need a Salesforce!!!! Hmm.. Maybe dealers should have their lawyers read it!!!..

6th More layoffs going on during the month of April and probably to continue through the new fiscal year..(June)

Some of these rumors have been confirmed others have not!!! If you have info to confirm or deny feel free to post a comment!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

NADA Status

Hello fellow associates.

Normally this time of year there is a lot of buzz around NADA conference. This year I am not hearing anything.

I have talked to a few associates that had to work. They told me that dealers would walk into the booth and have questions about everything, but Reynolds products. Sure the dealer booth was busy, but dealers wanted questions answered more than they wanted Bobo's products. Many of the dealers wanted to look at the products being offered. Then if you watched closely, the dealers would leave the Reynolds booth and walk across the isle to Dealertrack. From what I understand it was amazing to watch.

This is great news if you are Dealertrack, but bad news if you are a URey employee. Just more dealers not happy with Bobo and looking to move on to a different DMS. According to my sources, last year Dealertrack had 9 sales people in the country. 1 year later, they are up to 29 sales people. Tell me that is not growth, in the worst economic time. Reynolds can talk about how great they were, but all the other DMS's are feeding off from Reynolds dealers now.

Don't talk about the past, talk about the future and Reynolds is dying. What I laugh at the most is how UCS thinks they are almighty and can not be touched. Bigger companies than UCS/Reynolds have fallen because of bad management.

The Trooper

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Questions than Answers

Hello fellow associates

I sit here with more questions. Someone made a comment Bobo is going to be 69 in May. At first that statement did not really mean much to me.

Then that little voice in my head started speaking. It started to ask all sorts of questions, and I could not come up with answers. Maybe someone in the webworld will be able to help me answer these.

1. If I was a billionaire and was about to turn 69 or 70, I would ask myself what am I trying to accomplish in life? Some people will say it is create a hell for the working class. Why? If I had that kind of money I would be on a beach somewhere. Drinking fruity drinks and reducing stress. I sure and the hell would be adding stress to my life at that age.

2. How old am I going to be, before I throw the towel in? Realistically how many years do I have left to where I can run this company? Before you give me answer like 100, think for a second. If you were 69 years old, how many years can your body function correctly? I can't hardly get out of bed and I am nowhere near 69. Body parts just don't function that well at that age. Why go through the last remaining years on this planet like that? Especially if you don't have too. It does not make a lot of sense.

3. What is the overall goal of Bobo? Someone will say because he is a lunatic or a money grabbing ass. Those may be true, however... Bobo has more money than he can spend. Even Bill Gates retired and went on to do other things in life. Bill is spending money not trying to make more. I don't think it is about the money.

Bobo if you reading this you seriously want to consider the questions above. Not trying to tell you what to do with your life, but is it worth it? In 30 years from now is anyone going to care that you put all these policies together? Is anyone going to care that you had a ton of money in the bank? Is anyone going to care that you screwed another OEM, dealer, or employee? What will you be remembered for?

Too bad Bobo can not buy more time... The clock is his worst enemy and there is nothing he can do about it.

tick... tick... tick...

The Trooper